Activities at Hola Mundo Beach Camp

Sports on the beach

Beach soccer:

Favorite sand sport for all campers. Our field is set up every day, with our very own beach soccer goals.

Beach Volleyball:

Beach volleyball net is on our camp site for us to enjoy.

Team Games on the Beach:

Capture the flag, dodge ball and relays…are the best for teams blanco and azul’s competition.

Water Sports:

Surfing, stand up paddle boarding, and kayaking.

Beach Arts and Craft:

Our talented counselors offer our campers unique and creative beach crafts. Our art is combined with spanish instruction. Some of our art projects include; tie dye shirts, shell necklace and bracelets, sand bottles, paintings and many more

Sand Sculpting

with Mr. John may of living sand is an awesome activity that the campers love. Mr. May introduces the art with the sand and promotes a unique team building activity.

Friday at Camp:

Every friday is “viernes de diversion” or fun friday. The camp moves to lighthouse cove resort less than a mile north of the camp on 14th street, for the day for a special day where the campers for can enjoy snorkeling and skim boarding.

Fishing at the Pier:

Catching fish at the Pompano Pier is what the campers do best!


Latin american cooking include fried arepas, empanadas and tostones. Mango with salt is a favorite snack.

Spanish Fun:

Our director offers a fun and “relaxed” language lesson through different arts activities, including dancing, singing, culture, talent shows and games.


Another Campers favorite activity.  We take advantage of the outdoors, and the awesome beach environment to offer fun music classes designed for all levels.  Campers make music with different recycling materials.

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