2018 Summer Camp Registration


Registering for camp is easy! Simply fill out the form below to complete your registration.

You will be able to select which weeks that you would like and when it is complete, you will instantly receive a confirmation email containing additional information about camp. Your receipt and important camper information will be emailed to you shortly.

Before you try to register please review the camp prices at the Camp Dates & Prices page.

The payment of the $50, non refundable registration fee and camp tuition can be made with either a Visa/Mastercard after submitting the online Registration form, or with a check that the office should receive within three days of registration payment.

Please call the Camp Office at (754) 235 0995 if you need to make special arrangements for payment.

Contact Information
Registration Dates
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You can attend any number of weeks in any order.
Emergency Medical Information
Child's Insurance Information
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Medical Data
Parent/Guardian Authorization

I hereby make application for the enrollment of the camper/participant listed above in Hola Mundo Summer Camp subject to the conditions set forth in the program description. I give permission for photographs or video footage of my child to be used by the camp for promotional purposes. I give my permission for my child to participate in all Camp activities, both on and off Camp property, either by walking or riding in a vehicle. I give permission for the camp and its designees to transport my child in a vehicle as required for full participation in program and/or for health and safety.

I also give my child permission to participate in all Camp activities, invluding but not limited to water sliding and inflatable equipments. I undestand that there is a certain degree of risk and possible injury by reason of the camp/event and its activities. I agree to assume these risks and release and hold Hola Mundo LLC, their officers, directors and employees harmless from and waive any claims against Hola Mundo, LLC and its "Hola Mundo Summer Camp" as to any injury that may occur to our child while attending this Camp.

We, the parents or guardians of the children being registered through this form consent to the Hola Mundo Camp administrators to act on our behalf should emergency situations arise and grant permission to authorize medical attention recommended by a physician or hospital. We accept full responsibility for expenses incurred in diagnosis and treatment of any accident or illness.

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