ABOUT  Hola  Mundo 

Hola Mundo is an educational consulting company based in Pompano Beach, Florida with more than 20 years of experience designing creative, innovative and educational programs for children and teenagers.  


Our first venture,  Hola Mundo Beach Camp, is a fun opportunity for children and teenagers who want to spend their summer by the beach while meeting new friends and practicing Spanish.  

A few years later, we added  Hola Mundo Tutoring to our offering. Our certified tutors meet with students  online or in person to review multiple school subjects.  Students get the support they need to improve their academic performance.


Finally, we decided to offer our students the possibility to grow and learn beyond the city of Pompano Beach. Hola Mundo Travel is a great experience designed for teens and family groups to immerse in the culture of a European city in short 5-7 day trips.

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