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Become a Jr. CIT

Join us for a leadership development program designed for young teens, entering 6th grade through 8th Grade in the fall, who want to learn to become counselors. Through workshops and hands-on experience, you’ll learn about group leadership, program planning, communication, instructional activities, working with kids, health and safety, creating a positive environment, and facilitating adventure team-building. 



CITs gain in-depth skills in a special interest area such as water sports, games, and regular camp activities. Being a CIT is a unique experience—they will learn and grow as a leader while having fun. They learn to be a positive role model for younger campers, and explore being a counselor.


A CIT’s schedule includes a short time during the day to work directly with younger campers in activities under bilingual staff supervision, as well as time to relax with other CITs and participate in all the camp activities.

Some leadership activities include, but are not limited to: assisting with equipment handling, input in activity preparations, lunch distribution, clean-up, and assisting with drop off and dismissal.


All Jr. CIT’s should be prepared to be active every day of camp and have a strong desire to be role models to younger campers. We accept a limited number of  CITs in order to provide a strong program. Even though, we use a Pre Training Camp Program to ensure the CIT program is a good fit for both your CIT and Hola Mundo Beach Camp, this summer we are accepting CIT applicants during the summer and we are offering the following training during Camp.

  1. American Red Cross CPR, AED and First Aid Training 

  2. Hola Mundo Camp's Junior Counselor-in-Training, and Leadership Program

  3. American Red Cross Junior Lifeguard Program

  4. Environmental protection program: Adopt A Beach/Turning the Trash into Art (Community Service Program for the Cultural Art's Department of the City of Pompano Beach)


All Jr CIT aspirants, must go through training to prepare them for the leadership role they will undertake during the Summer. Additionally, they will learn lifeguard skills and other health and safety measures. 

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