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Safety & Health

Your child’s health and safety is our first priority at Hola Mundo Beach Camp.  Our Camp directors are bilingual educators with more than 25 years experience running day camps. Our staff are bilingual college and High School students who are fully trained, and are subject to federal and state background checks as a requirement for employment. In addition, all of Hola Mundo Beach Camp's staff are First Aid and CPR trained certified by the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross. We have a Lifeguard Instructor in staff, and 2 Lifeguards in our staff.


Our Registration Form includes specific questions where you can share any and all important health information about your child that we should know while they are attending camp. Please use the Registration Form to share any health concerns including your child’s physical, mental and emotional health history. If there are any additional special concerns that you have about your child, please contact the Camp Director and we will accommodate each child as much as possible.

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Banana Boat waiver (sign & Pay $30)

  • Allergies: We are aware that children have many different medical needs and may have a variety of different allergies. We encourage parents to discuss all specific health needs with the Camp Director, including any food, environmental or other types of allergies. Our Registration Form provides the opportunity for parents to describe any special needs in writing, so that the appropriate staff members can be notified of any special needs that your child may have. In addition to this form we encourage parents to talk to the Camp Director about any health concerns.

  • Excused Activities: We encourage your child to participate in every activity we offer at camp, however if there is an activity that your child should not participate in due to physical limitations, please notify us so that we can make accommodations. A written note from the parent is required if the child is to be excused from participation in specific activities.

  • Sickness: Please keep your child at home if he/she seems listless, unusually irritable, complains of a stomach ache, headache, earache, or seems to be unusually pale or flushed. It is better to be overcautious than to risk exposing the rest of the children and staff. If a child has had a fever, they should remain at home for 24 hours after a temperature goes down.

  • Emergency Services: At camp we are equipped to deal with minor cuts, scratches, abrasions, insect bites, dispensing of medications (topical), however if a more serious injury should occur local EMS is one block away from our Camp location.

  • Absentees: We look forward to seeing your child each and every day that they are registered for camp, therefore please contact the Camp Director if your child is going to be absent for any reason. Please also notify the camp if you the parent/guardian are going to be away for several days, and who will be caring for your child in your absence.

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